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Summit Procurement enables clients to hit peak procurement performance and organizational maturity through a variety of procurement managed services.

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Key areas of impact

How Summit can help you hit peak procurement performance:


Procurement strategy that empowers your team to ascend to cost-effective, resilient sourcing through expert guidance and customized solutions.


From scoping needs to negotiating the deal, our Source-to-Contract solutions streamline the procurement journey, paving the way for optimal value and efficiency.


Procure-to-Pay orchestrates every stage - from requisition to receipt and remittance - optimizing your spending flow and igniting profitability.


Scalability, Reliability, Profitability.

Navigating supply chain disruptions, digital transformation, and talent gaps are significant challenges faced by today's enterprise procurement teams. Being able to scale up and scale down dependable and competent resources is a necessity to overcome volatile market conditions. Summit is your partner to achieve and sustain peak procurement performance.

How Can Summit Help?

Staff Augmentation

Whether you are experiencing a windfall of new projects or a backlog of contracts, we can help you scale up your team in real-time.

Efficiency Assessments

Summit can help uncover gaps in your procurement processes and create actionable insights.


Summit has deep expertise in operating fully outsourced procurement departments or segments within procurement.

Spend Analysis

Transform category performance through a strategic spend analysis using Summit's repeatable process that identifies inefficiencies.

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