About Summit

At Summit Procurement, we're more than just cost savings. Our mission is to help our clients reach the pinnacle of their procurement potential. We're a trusted guide, a Sherpa, on the path to optimizing procurement processes and driving stakeholder value.

Meet the team

We're a team of seasoned procurement professionals with a proven track record of success. We've scaled the peaks of complex sourcing challenges, navigated the treacherous terrain of supplier negotiations, and planted the flag of efficiency atop countless procurement landscapes.

Alan Veeck.png

Alan Veeck


jen schnore.jpg

Jennifer Schnore

Director, Contracts Management

Amy Joshi.png

Amy Joshi

Director, Procurement Services

Kyle Beveridge.jpg

Kyle Beveridge

Procurement Associate

Amanda Connell.jfif

Amanda Connell

Contracts Associate

Ben DePellegrini.jpg

Ben DePellegrini


Janette Simmons Clements.jpg

Janette Simmons Clements

Contract Manager

Natalia Giorgi.jfif

Natalia Giorgi

Procurement Associate

Laura Mudrick.jfif

Laura Mudrick

Contracts Associate

Abby O'Brien.jfif

Abby O'Brien


Christopher Kirkland.png

Christopher Kirkland


Zachary Remaley.jfif

Zachary Remaley


Nathan Fleck.jpeg

Nathan Fleck

Procurement Associate

Brandon Tedder.JPG

Brandon Tedder

Head of Sales & Marketing

Ebony Breaux.jpg

Ebony Breaux

Contract Associate


Oliver Barreau

Contracts Manager


Meghan O'Meara

Contracts Manager

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Looking to join an amazing team?

We are a rapidly growing professional services firm with a focus on enterprise procurement. Let's chat if you:

Value Integrity

Integrity is founded on honesty, accountability, and delivery. We will not compromise for our clients or colleagues.

Prioritize Teamwork

Collaboration is the ability to work effectively and harmoniously in a group.


We are looking for employees who are strongly motivated to advance their own careers.

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Summit Procurement HQ1546 Fulton StPittsburgh, PA 15233United States

Summit Procurement, Inc. is a remote-first organization with offices in Pittsburgh, PA, and Washington, D.C.

Summit Procurement HQ
1546 Fulton Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15233, United States
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